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answered. thanks for joining us for this special "on the record". don't forget to go to gret to share your thoughts about this show. ♪ ♪ >> eric: hello, everybody. 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling. alongside kimberly guilfoyle, bob becket, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. a lot to get to today, starting with political correctness, getting shoved down your kid's throats. guess what? you're paying for it. big stimulus bucks on diversity manuals, public schools in nebraska and wait until you hear what is in them. a new california law requiring schools to teach gay history. plus, get the chips ready and the beers on ice. it looks like we'll have a football season after all. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: did you hear? president obama says you're okay with them raising your taxes. >> this is not an issue of salesmanship to the american people. the american people are sold. >> eric: i don't ever recall saying go ahead and raise my taxes, mr. president. but obama is the one who says he is -- what did he say? add extra hundreds of thousands of dollars. raise his taxes. don't raise our taxes. >> bob: you and he are in the same income range. what he was talking about was the american people are sold when the polls show that they say should you tax wealthy people to help bring the deficit down? overwhelmingly the american people say yes. he was exactly right. obama says i make a lot of money and i should pay some of that money, more money for the deficit. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer in this country. rich ought to pony up. >> eric: what about the small business owner who says i may have a good year? what about a bad year? should we take away if it's a good year? absolutel
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>> andrea: exactly. his plan if he doesn't go along with republicans, cripple jobs, because small businesses need the lower tax rate to create jobs. the only reason we are having the discussion and debate over the debt creeling is because of barack obama. he spent $3.7 trillion in a short time he has been in office. his budget increased the deficit. look, when he did finally get us a budget it was voted down by his own party. kim: he is a teenager with a checkbook. want stimulus? need extra money? writing checks. how are we going to pay for this? the debt is increasing. now the debt ceiling without making any significant cuts. he wants to try to pull a bill clinton. however, bill clinton was able to do it successfully with a rebounding economy. >> eric: i like the speech for one thing. >> greg: do we have the quote? when he was talk about cutting domestic spending. he said if you are trying to get to $2.4 trillion without any revenue you are effectively gutting a whole bunch of domestic spending that is going to be burdensome and is not going to be
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something that i would support. he finally got it. that's exactly what we want. >> bob: can i ask my five friends here a question. is there some reason that you feel it's imperative to protect millionaire and billionaire from increasing their taxes? wait a second. shhhh, please. when they have had tax cut after tax cut and you want to not raise taxes on corporate jet and give the oil companies -- >> greg: why bleed into a failure. if the programs are failing, why do they have to be bigger? >> andrea: why scare seniors? when he threatened the social security checks that is elder abuse, bob. it's disgusting. threatened senior citizens. you seem to be defending the -- i'll stick up for the elders. how about that? >> eric: the top less than 2% pay 44% of all tax revenue collected. >> bob: they ought to pay 60%. >> eric: meantime, 42% of all americans don't pay a penny in federal income tax. hold on.
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did anyone else think obama's speech sounded familiar today? mitt romney nailed it when he dubbed it jimmy carter's second term. and the president's speech did sound a bit like miserable president jimmy carter famous blaze speech delivered exactly 30 years ago today. take a listen. >> for the first time in the history of our country the majority of our people believe that the next five years will be worse than the past five years. the productivity of american workers is actually dropping. willingness of americans to save for future has fallen below that of all other people in the western world. >> eric: you want to talk about malaise? we're living in malaise town right now. under carter, unemployment was under 6%. now it's a sky highed 9.2%. guess what? meat up 20%. gasoline, 100% higher than the day obama was sworn in to office. your home prices have begun to
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drop like a rock again. who would have thought comparing obama to jimmy carter would be an insult to jimmy carter? >> andrea: carter is bleeth breathing a huge sigh of relief. everybody thought i was the worse president. now barack obama is taking the title. the difference is barack obama, joe biden go out and try to sell us a picture of rosiness that isn't true. the recovery summer, everything they told us has not come true. at least carter was being somewhat honest. >> greg: i was watching that video. it brought back so many bad memories. i was like 15. i had acne, braces. oily hair. >> andrea: what has changed? >> greg: you're terrible! then he started talking about solar power. i was going, they were talking about that, it's still here. it still doesn't work. nothing changed. >> bob: you guys are unbelievable. >> andrea: solar power is the worst. >> bob: because you use it to tan yourself. it's not used for that.
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>> kim: i live in a solar house and it was one cold shower after the next, bob. >> bob: i happen to be in the oval office the night the president gave the speech. the american people reacted well. this is a guy that can say because of the work he's done 5.5 million children around the world are not dead now. >> eric: but unemployment went up from 5% to 9%. and inflation skyrocketed. greg points out why. the energy crisis. [ overtalk ] >> bob: if you're having a bad day -- are you kidding me >> eric: i'm having a great day. >> bob: do you accept the fact that the american people do accept that he inherited a difficult -- i'm not bashing
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bush. but give him a little bit of a break. >> eric: he inherited 67% unemployment and turned it to 9.2% inherit. he inherited $1.83-gallon of gasoline and turned it to $4 -- >> bob: not his fault. >> eric: who else fault is it? >> bob: blew up. >> if we would have done nothing. unemployment went to 8.8%. doesn't it sound good now? >> bob: if he would have done nothing, it wow upward of 15%. >> greg: there is more sultal similarity between carter and obama. they were the media choice for presidency. i remember when carter was running and he won. he was a wonderful peanut farmer from georgia, the guy out of nowhere. nobody knew anything about him other than he was charming and new. it sounds really, really familiar. both -- that was their flaw. that the media didn't test them. they didn't put their feet to the fire.
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that's why -- >> bob: carter never raised taxes during his term. ronald reagan. he didn't. >> eric: he couldn't raise them higher. >> bob: ronald reagan had the largest single tax increase in history. that's right. >> eric: you can't just go out there and say that. >> bob: but you can say the other stuff. >> eric: in the course of eight years he lowered taxes. you can't say at the outset he raised them. so they went up and then they fell. okay. okay. but taxes fell on the corporate level and personal level, they fell in reagan years. >> bob: payroll taxes is the largest tax increase in history. >> greg: can we say it's better now than the '70 s? the '70s suck. the fashions were terrible, the tv was bad. >> bob: the music was good. i was a disco champion of stanton iland. >> disco champion? >> greg: do you have the pants still? >> bob: and the boots. they look like kimberly's shoes. but '70s weren't bad. >> greg: too much easy listening rock. >> eric: pull up the chart,
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the gallop poll that bob denied all week. we have a full screen on it. mr. obama polling against anyone, romney, et cetera, et cetera is ahead but if he polls against thegerer in rick g.o.p.ars, look at that, it's widening and the generic wins. >> bob: have the jeer innerrer to -- generic g.o.p.ars to run. the point is a generic republican, whatever that means. beats him but when you put him up against mitt romney who lost jobs in massachusetts, and destroyed jobs, he beats everybody. >> eric: generic is the person who ends up being the candidate for g.o.p. we don't know who it is yet. >> greg: i recent the use of
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the word munchkin. we are called little people. i've had it. >> kim: let me ask you, if the election were held today, without obama win? >> bob: it depends who is running. >> eric: you admit it. there it is. >> bob: it depends who is running. if he was running against northie, he would lose. but the rest of them -- >> eric: mr. carter never uttered the word "malaise." casey anthony getting ready to walk free sunday but the legal troubles aren't over. we'll tell you who is suing her now. but first, new indoctrination in schools with your money.
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." if you thought funding turtle tunnels and cricket removal were waste of your taxpayer dollars in the stimulus package, listen to this. at least $130,000 of your money went to diversity manuels for public schools in omaha thiamin that while people in america privileged and ask teachers to commit social justice. here is a quote from page 50. "the government and social institutions of the united states have created advantages that disproportionately channel wealth, power and resources to white people." so much for reading, writing and alit ma tick. is this what children should be learning and what you should spend your hard earned money on? bob, this is stimulus dollars. bob, i'm just asking. >> bob: go to bob. i am glad the cricket things. i had a cricket problem. >> andrea: stimulating. >> bob: listen, the fact is that the statement that you read there, you thought it was a really enlightening one and
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our audience jumped on it. it's right. institutions have favored white people in the country for a long time. we had to do redress and it took a long time to redress for black people in the country in a lot of places in nebraska, they don't see black people. >> andrea: this is what your money is paying for with a sales vote on the front. >> eric: let that slide? a lot of people in nebraska don't see black people? >> bob: they don't go to school with black people. >> kimberly: how is this supposed to add jobs? >> bob: i thought this was on diversity. >> andrea: i want viewers to listen to some of the quotes in this manual i just showed you. "teachers and leaders are competent when they believe and have a commitment to social justice." this one, i want you to listen to this. "although it's important to treat as people as individuals it's also important to acknowledge the group identity of individuals." let me ask you, that doesn't really sound like equality. that sounds like special treatment for one group or another. >> greg: two problems with
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this. you replace achievement with identity. this is actually short-changing students. number two, basically we're giving money to people that are going to tell us we as a nation suck. the term "social justice" when you hear that phrase, run the hell away. that means, that translates to you owe us something. talked about how america was bad so everybody. >> bob: i didn't say it was bad for everybody. >> greg: we owe them something. but the world was bad. slavery was a worldwide problem. we fought a war to end slavery. >> bob: i an important question for you. what group do you identify with? >> andrea: so everybody is a victim now? all victims are created equal? >> eric: it's an issue, but the issue with this story for me is this manual was paid for with stimulus money. this is taxpayer money. we work hard, we send it in. >> bob: can we have the camera go up to the sky to
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show the corporate jets we're paying for that is flying around. stop with the class war fair. >> kimberly: as a minority -- i don't like the idea that the minorities are people with different background in this country can't think for themselves or made to feel they're not good enough or need extra leg up to be equal because of a white privilege talk. >> greg: i a solution for this. if we are going to give diversity manual to teachers we should pay and give thomas soul book to students because that's the antidote to the bee sting of stupidity. >> andrea: hold on. we have to get to -- there is more, bob. i know you can't wait. >> bob: give me some more. >> andrea: california is going to require schools to teach about homosexuals and their achievements. my point is i think listen, put homosexuals in school books but why does it matter if they're homosexuals? why can't we just talk about their achievement?
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we didn't talk about george washington's sexuality. >> bob: we did, a lot. >> greg: he was a wildcat. >> bob: the fact is gays have been oppressed for years and years in this country no reason why they can't have a history lesson on the stonewall demonstrations downtown here. >> eric: that is not what this is. >> bob: funny thing, every time i try to say something, i hear someone saying -- >> eric: it's gay and lesbian and that is not what this is. this is california rewriting textbooks, history books saying by the way, you have george washington was a homosexual or so and so was a lesbian. that's what they want to do. >> bob: we could talk about mickey mouse and you'd go to jobs. fact of the matter is there is a long history of oppressing against gays and they contributed to the history of this country. what is wrong with teaching it. >> andrea: they are starting younger to control your kids, brainwash them in colorado there is proposed regulations for day care centers. get a load of this. right? let's see the full screen. we can have the list of new regulations for daycare
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centers that require kids to let's see, doll collections must represent at least three races. okay? children cannot drink whole milk unless they have a note from their doctor. and pictures need to depict nature realistically. kimberly, off little boy. >> kimberly: i do. a 4-year-old. he has for mission slip and doctor note. ronan drinks whole milk. it will stay that way. i can't believe they interview in this way to become a complete nanny state out of control. they'll tell you everything, the things you will do and what your children will be eating. it's gone too far. >> bob: two things. on thing arelations, i hope greg and i could not be running a day care center. we would not make it. >> greg: you're not allowed near them. >> bob: on the western slope of colorado, a lot of kids where there is virtually no blacks in that part of the world, it doesn't seem to me to hurt them to get introduced at a young age to other ethnicities and other colors. by the way, social jug tis was
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what martin luther king talked about and i would be careful -- >> greg: you know the word is overused, the phrase is overused. >> bob: never overused. >> andrea: let the private market figure out. >> eric: california is a place they pulled columbus day and there is a cesar chavez day. that should tell you everything. >> andrea: bob, all i can say is -- we're so happy you're not running a day care center. >> greg: it would be the funnest day care center ever and i'd enroll. >> andrea: i'd stay far away. lever it there. >> bob: bad idea. >> andrea: coming up on "the five." sick of casey anthony yet? too bad. she might head back to court. we will give you the latest details in the sensational case. crumpletime for n.f.l. owners and players. will you be tailgating this year? "the five" will be right bac hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast.
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[crowd cheers] [crowd cheers] [male announcer] sometimes, coming home can be a battle in itself. our wounded warriors need everyone's support to meet the challenges they face every day. the uso provides every american a way to support them and their families. what? it's good to be back . join us. visit to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of our wounded warriors. the uso. until every one comes home. >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." casey is set to be released
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from jail on sunday but her legal troubles are far from over. she is facing a civil suit for defamation from fernandez-gonzalez a woman with the same name as the fictitious babysitter she falsely accused of kidnapping her daughter caylee. gonzalez's lawyer spoke out about his client earlier today. >> she was an innocent bystander and had nothing to do with this and had her life turned upside down because of false statements made about her that we now know from public statements were a fantasy from the beginning. it doesn't help what happened to her. we file this thing in 2008. we have been on the back burner for two long. we're about to get hot. >> kimberly: it's about to get hot in here, too. this angers me about this particular case. this woman has a right to have her day in court she has been defamed. everybody knows who she is. she suffered a lot of trouble because of this. because casey blamed her. for three years, the four was the nanny took the baby. now we know she came up with a story in jail, oops, i'm sorry.
11:25 pm
it was an accidental drowning. so now casey will try to apartmently avoid this. take the fifth. because she is so stressed out from the trial, she wants the case continued. >> andrea: i think it's absolutely ridiculous that casey also is now trying to appeal the four charges against her. >> kimberly: right. >> i'm so sick of this woman. i don't know if anyone else feels the same way. shouldn't she just accept, shouldn't she just accept the punishment she was given? she skated out of there, right? scot-free. >> kimberly: right. >> andrea: what is jose baez, i guess he gets cocky and says you can't pay the $4,504,500 . >> kimberly: exactly. can't pay the money, bob. listen to jose baez he said oh, my client, she is a liar, she is this, that, made a bad decision. take a listen. >> we all know, casey acted inappropriately inappropriately and made mistakes and bad decisions. she should have called the police and not attempted to block it out. she should have reported her
11:26 pm
death. there is no doubt about that. that question was never contested. >> kimberly: there he goes. jose baez saying yes, my client is guilty of that semily bob. >> bob: where do they find these lawyers? he reminds me of a former drug dealer i used to have. the bald-headed guy with a southern accent, wonder why you're on the back burner? you're dumb and excuse for a bad disease. c'mon! >> andrea: be positive. it's friday after all. >> bob: be positive about lawyers? are you kidding me? >> kimberly: what do you make of it, eric? >> eric: casey anthony burned a wide path through human decency and reason and she shouldn't able to be enriched by it. i know she is innocent, kim, but look, the people -- >> kimberly: not innocent. found not guilty. big difference. >> eric: if you are not going to jail, the same result. same thing. but go for it.
11:27 pm
eqiisearch should. go for it. all that manpower. can you imagine the people looking for a body, all the while she knew there was no body to be found? >> greg: i'm not angry about the fact she will make money because she can't keep it. every dollar she makes she will get sued but a silver lining here, because drew peterson is back in the news. the suspected wife killer. he is single and she is single. i think they are a perfect couple because he is the perfect husband. >> kimberly: love connection. >> greg: perfect husband for child killer because they'll marry and she will disappear. >> bob: you said you thought she was hot last week. >> andrea: you did! >> bob: is there a reason we have to keep talking about this woman? you talk about her making money, why are we, why is fox, why is anybody keeping this going? >> greg: it would be weird if america was not abscessed about it. if we took the crime with a grain of salt and there is something wrong with us, people are understandably upset about it.
11:28 pm
because it was evil and wrong. if we shrug it off as another story, we're weird. >> bob: if it was a black woman and child would we spend time on it? >> why do you always do that, bob? >> bob: it's a legitimate question. i just asked it. >> it's not true. >> bob: i asked a question. if they were black, would we be spending time on them? >> greg: you are saying. >> i don't think they'd get the same amount of attention. >> greg: you're saying we're racists. >> kimberly: i'm not saying that. i don't think we are. but the case became sensationmized and a lot of people like yourself thought she was attractive. you're part of the problem. i to show you this picture. >> this woman was actually attacked. another woman hit her with her car, flipped the car. because she said, "this is a -- this has been arrested on assault and charged with battery with deadly weapon and said she was trying to save the children. she thought this was casey
11:29 pm
anthony and the car flipped and rolled over. >> bob: she ran over someone who looked like casey? >> yeah. >> greg: it happened to you. someone thought you were randy quaid. >> eric: this is worse when abc pays the family for the story or someone else will offer a million dollars -- >> greg: but that's because they know we'll watch it. >> eric: can i address bob's point. fox won't pay a dime for casey anthony, jose baez or anybody else but we have to know what is going on. we want to know what is going on. >> bob: you want to know what is going on. for me it's a bad acid trip. we have to stop it. >> greg: but there are people who feel the same way, myself included talking about the debt ceiling. people find it interesting because it's a real story. bad people, intrigue. rumors. innuendo. >> are we going to fund protection for her when she
11:30 pm
gets out? use it as evidence? >> andrea: a great point. she will use the fact and say you owe me an obligation. >> kimberly: i don't feel safe. she received threats. >> andrea: too bad. >> kimberly: i agree. but she will get $1 million with the producer of the jerry springer show, then you pay for it. we shouldn't shoulder it on our back. >> bob: you think she will get assets? >> kimberly: minimal protection. >> bob: if anybody pays a dime to protect that woman. >> kimberly: we want our money back, bob. >> bob: let greg protect her. >> andrea: greg, would you protect her? >> greg: for the right price. i'll do anything for the right price. >> kimberly: i'll talk about something you find fascinating. good looks of rob lowe. >> greg: he is in the drew peterson movie and "i" assume he plays drew peterson, which shows how screwed up hollywood is. they find someone better looking than the criminal. the criminals are never as
11:31 pm
good looking as the actor. i'm not sure if he is playing it but he stars in it so i assume he is. >> bob: i hate to sound stupid. who is drew peterson? >> andrea: oh, boy. you don't follow -- >> he killed all his wives in chicago. >> greg: allegedly. >> kimberly: allegedly. you don't drown in a dry bathtub. >> bob: i know people have. >> kimberly: in a dry bathtub. >> greg: that was last night. >> bob: i seen people do that. >> andrea: you've seen it? >> bob: no. let's move on. i still don't know who the guy is. i thought we were talking about a baseball player. >> andrea: we're happy. >> kimberly: we don't talk about casey anthony until next week. >> bob: never. please. >> kimberly: bob, happy ending. coming up on "the five" are the n.f.l. owners and players making their way to the end zone with lockout negotiations? and later, we'll talk about friends with benefits. it's linked to communist, bob. according to one celebrity, maybe you can name her.
11:32 pm
trust me, don't want to miss a moment of the discussion when "the five" continues.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: it looks like the n.f.l. season and most of the preseason games have been saved. the players union and owners settled on the big issue, which of course is money. as in $9 billion. it looks like players whose average payday to make $1.5 million each year and their billionaire owners will split revenues 47% for the players and 53% for owners. now with the average ticket price of $76 a game, can you believe that? not including hot dogs that barely pass salmonella test and beer as flat as greg's college give's chest, fans are not bringing out their -- not coming outen either side. i am in this dog fight and i said it with respect to michael vick.
11:37 pm
>> greg: apologize to my first girlfriend. >> bob: michael vick? >> greg: cora. >> bob: sorry. she was a double-a. >> greg: yeah. >> bob: on a somehow serious note one thing that bothers me, about to get it resolved and one thing they still haven't resolved are the former players who played in the '80s and some in the '90s whose retirement packages are measly $125 a month. it's outrageous they haven't take care of the players that built it. >> eric: whose fault? the owner's fault again? you side with the players union because that you what you do on the left with the unions. how about making at it free market, make it real or capitalist? let the owners who take the risk in the first place pay the players what they think is right. if the players are so worried about the benefit, they can take care of it. >> bob: the players union has not been good on this. >> i agree. >> bob: the free market system, the stadiums are paid for by the taxpayer. >> andrea: first, the
11:38 pm
taxpayer should express outrage. a lot of franchises have been built with tax-free bonds, public money, funded a lot of the stadiums. maybe they should have a seat at the table. >> kimberly: yeah, they send all the politicians, everybody needs to put us through for the local city council, municipalities that support the new stadium. the taxpayers pay for it. i want to say bob, take a moment. i do agree with you about the players association. >> bob: this is shocking. >> kimberly: they need to take care of the players. some of these guys devoted their life to the game, they have been crippled on the field, a concussion after the next. traumatic brain injury. >> bob: why do you think i am the way i am? >> eric: the taxpayers pony up money to pay for stadium because they like the football or baseball team, but they do it because it brings business to the areas. bars, restaurant, vendors make a lot of money. economic activity. boston you ask why i'm a liberal, i played football for 15 years and got hi head rang. >> kimberly: that explains a lot.
11:39 pm
>> andrea: why don't you ask guys in cincinnati if they're having fun? they spent money on stadium and took a huge loss. i know the taxpayer money, taxpayer money is going to fund the history of s&m we established. we're also going to fund protecting casey anthony. now we're building stadiums. hobb i agree. why are we leaving you out of this? >> greg: you're avoiding the victims. if there is a strike the victims are the strippers and lap dancers because if players, if the players are on strike, who is going to make it rain in the strip clubs? the n.f.l. players that show up with the hand gun and furry outfits. i sympathize with the players but not with the modern player making $2 million a year to send it on cheesy florida mansions, tacky art, florent lamborghinis. and get themselves -- fluorescent lamborghinis. >> bob: do you think they all wear the furry outfits, have you thought about it? >> greg: maybe it's
11:40 pm
comfortable. the players don't know how to spend their money. they just don't. >> not wisely. they run out. >> greg: owners agree and players agree. >> kimberly: they can spend it on whatever they want to spend it on. >> andrea: you say billion and million. >> bob: billionaires and millionaires. >> eric: the taxpayers pay for the stadium. >> bob: but delay have a private jet to fly to game -- but they have a private jet to fly to the game. >> eric: you are blaming the owners on the $15 hot dog or $20 beer but it's the players. the players are demanding 43% of the profits. what other business do employees demand 43% of the profit? >> bob: jerry jones has a lot to do with the prices. jerry jones since he is the second coming of vince lombardi and doesn't know a thing about football and is a lousy owner. you know what you pay for the dallas cowboy paraphernalia?
11:41 pm
i can't stand the dallas cowboys. but they get a lot of money. >> eric: they charge with what the market will bare. if off onion it's not -- >> bob: let the owners pay what the market will bear and build their own stadium. >> the union could do a better job but the players these days, they are making the huge contracts. but i am talking about the players that built this game. we watch football every sunday and it's an american tradition. it's not fair to leave them behind. >> bob: let's remember that the average football player life expectancy is five years. we talk about all the big numbers a lot of the guys do not have a long career. >> greg: the fact is the money is related to risk. they get paid exorbitant money because of the risk to their future and they can only play ample of five to seven years so they make that much money. >> it's for the risk. >> greg: why doesn't this
11:42 pm
happen to soccer? nobody cares about soccer? their hands are already on strike. why doesn't the rest of the soccer -- >> bob: the problem with soccer is it's lousy boring game. the girl's game was good but in mexico, they have the guy they never score so he says goooaaall! he goes on for a quarter because there is nothing else to do. >> greg: it's all 0-0 at half. >> eric: i went to -- i was thrown out of my daughter's soccer game. >> greg: what did you do? >> eric: i told the referee he was full of it. >> bob: paid for taxes for the public park. i'll sit with you. >> eric: with soccer, you never know when the game is over. we're up by one, it's zero. we won, right? >> you know when they take their shirts off, swing it over their head, then you know. >> bob: great game. 90 minutes, it's 0-0. whoa! are we still on this topic or are we moving on? >> greg: i want to hear more
11:43 pm
about the soccer game. >> bob: really, we have to get out of here. i am sorry, michael. i missed your last dog fight. coming up, have you ever heard the term "friends with benefits"? i. mila recently made headlines when she came out against the ideas. next, we will tell you what the five of us think. [ male announcer ] you don't make the world's best chicken
11:44 pm
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♪ >> greg: interesting selection for me. okay. i'll go with it. so i love mila for two reasons. first off, she accepted the invite from a young marine to attend the marine ball. and i hope she goes. but even more, i love what she said in a recent q.g. interview while promoting the new flick "friends with benefits." she was asked if she ever had one of those relationships with herself.
11:47 pm
she said, "boy, i haven't, but i can give you my stance on it. it's like communism. good in theory and execution it fails. friends of mine have done it and it never ends well." so in 3 # words she proves she is smarter than every major movie star combined and she deflated a common assumption propagateed by hollywood that casual sex is harmless and dismisses a deadly ideology that garners glowing depiction on big screens everywhere. that makes her way cooler than the other hollywood clowns pretending to be smart. i'm talking to you ashton. maybe it's because she is ukrainian and understands how important a free market and moral compass is. that place was under the thumb of a system that rejected both. or maybe she is just really smart. either way, that's why i like her. not because she's not. not at all. >> bob: did you hear that? >> greg: she's out of town. don't bring her up.
11:48 pm
>> bob: i disabree with her assumption. what is wrong with it, "a." friends with benefits. >> greg: how do you define it? >> bob: i came up in the period after the pill and before aids. it was a great time. that's all i can tell you. >> andrea: people are eating dinner, bob. >> bob: what is wrong with that? did i say something wrong? >> andrea: go ahead. >> bob: i know what sars people about this, sex scares people because of the diseases. it's a serious problem for a lot of people but what is something wrong with somebody who is single having a relationship with somebody night who is a friend and go to bed at night. what is wrong? >> andrea: i love what she said on communism. i do. that excites me more than what she said about casual sex. men cannot have sex like men bob. this notion that it is perpetuated by hollywood and mtv, women, do what you want. they cannot function like men. it ends badly. every woman knows what i'm talking about. >> bob: women cannot have sex like men? you can last all night. greg takes 15 minutes. >> andrea: call you up,
11:49 pm
crying. >> bob: not many. >> greg: biologically women have more investment to protect themselveses from casual sex than men. that's biological fact. >> andrea: thank you for pointing it out. >> kimberly: that is true. many sexually transmitted diseases can affect your ability to have a child or carry a child, all kind of things. infertility. i'm being honest. real world. the real world. scares you to death and you're like friends with benefit. >> andrea: give them a house and give them alcohol and what happens the next day? girls are crying and the guys are scared. it's complicated. how is this healthy? >> bob: you are a girly boy. that's all i can say. do you have something to say about this or is your wife watching? >> eric: mila compared friends with benefits to communism. more like obamanomics. >> bob: of course it is. you find there is nothing
11:50 pm
there afterwards. >> andrea: it is. like chinese food. yeah, yeah, yeah. ten minutes later you're like i'm hungry. hungry. >> bob: keeping up anp tite. have you noticed that -- this is true now. i'm not -- >> greg: don't go there, bob. don't want to go there. i want to ask you a question first. i want to ask a question. i don't want to hear this. i want to ask you a question. you called me a girly boy because i believe in this. but i want to go to you. you are progressive because you realize being progressive allowous to be piggish because you adopt feminist ideology to allow you to do whatever you want. am i right? >> bob: of course you're right. there has to be some benefit for being middle age white guy who is a liberal still, because there are three of us in america. i can at least get away with being politically incorrect and you can't there you go. >> kimberly: charming when bob does it. >> bob: can i get back to
11:51 pm
ukrainians now? >> greg: no. don't go there. you will get letters. >> bob: i'll get letters from the whole show. are you kidding me? >> greg: compare her to other actresses out there that -- like sean penn who goes to venezuela and appeases chavez and people who love castro. put away the sexual side of it. the fact she understands communism to dismiss it so casually is refreshing. >> fearless le without worrying if she will face revenge. >> bob: you come here and make millions of dollars and renounce communism. great statement. >> andrea: they have made films. >> andrea: "black swan" she was a stacke stalker in bisexual relationship. >> bob: is that what that was? is that still out? >> kimberly: watch it in your hotel room on pay-per-view. >> bob: do you go to hotel and the same movie is on all -- never mind. do ahead. >> greg: only problem with mila is she was with
11:52 pm
mccauley calkin. >> bob: that the dude that was lost -- >> andrea: "home alone." >> greg: movie about a kid home alone. >> bob: he should have stayed home alone. >> andrea: her perm life backs up her words. with him seven years or nine years or something like that. she hammet bed hopped around hollywood. high-five, mila. >> bob: how do you know? >> andrea: i'm assuming. every other bimbo in hollywood, every week a different guy. >> eric: cut her some slack. assuming she comes through with the promise to go to the military ball with a marine. fantastic. good for her. >> greg: a great thing. she has a hefty schedule and they reported she may not do it but i think she will do it. can't go back on your word. what happens with other actresses are asked to do the same thing, they all have to say yes. >> andrea: i like it. >> kimberly: i do, too. where is my invitation, boys? >> andrea: i'm ready. you're not ready? >> bob: take them now, it
11:53 pm
would be great. what is this -- >> andrea: why don't we auction off going and give the money to wounded warriors. >> you're right. if mila doesn't go, a.t. andly go. >> andrea: right. >> kimberly: double date. >> bob: we'll all be out of work because of obama -- >> greg: i am not letting you do this. i'm saving you. don't go there. you can't say it. >> bob: everybody in the audiences to know what i'm talking about. >> greg: put it on your blog. bob's blog. tweet it. >> eric: did anyone else get a tweet to make sure bob becket has a tweet. they want to tweet you. >> andrea: they want to know. you have followers. >> bob: all they want to do, i get asked for pictures all the time. you know what for? dart boards for christmas. >> andrea: 95 followers. snappy suspenders. >> bob: want me to do it to
11:54 pm
you? >> greg: i've had enough. believe it or not, i can't believe it, bob was on "red eye" or will be tonight. we have continued the conversation. take a look. >> that is meaningful. [bleep] >> first. >> wait. [bleep]. >> te fend communism? >> [bleep] i'm not benefits -- [bleep] off the show. what is wrong with that? >> kimberly: that is what our commercial break is like. >> andrea: exactly. >> bob: i thought it was a lucid conversation. how come you bleeped me out? >> greg: i want people to tune in to red eye tonight to find out what you said. >> bob: the sensors will come. >> it's a surprise. first time on "red eye." >> bob: it's a great show. >> kimberly: how many first times have you had? >> bob: how many first times have i had? >> andrea: it's been a long time. >> greg: coming up, grab
11:55 pm
dark roost coffee and biscotti because when "the five" returns we're dimming the returns we're dimming the lights and getting po
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
[ birds chirping ] [ jet plane passing ] ow, ow, get off. [ ice cream truck music plays ] [ swings squeaking ] [ birds chirping ] [ children laughing ] [ squeaking ]
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[ creaking ] [ rock music playing ] from exploring europe... ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah to conquering x-camp... from building homes for the homeless to kayaking in alaska -- with whales -- girl scouts today offers so many incredible opportunities, the only problem you'll have is deciding what to do. [ birds chirping ] so... ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ whoo! welcome back to "the five." "esquire" magazine said how can we not love president obama this we're still not sure if it's for real, so here to share some of his favorite parts of the article, is our very own greg gutfeld. take it away, greg. >> greg: thank you, kimberly. i'll see you after the show.
11:59 pm
before the policy choices have to be weighed and the hard decisions have to be made, can we take a month or two to contemplate him the way we might contemplate a painting by bemier or a guitar lick by the early '70s rolling stones or a peyton manning pass or any other astounding, ecstatic human achievement. because 20 years from now we'll look back at this time as a glorious idol in american politics with a confident, intelligent, fascinating president, riding the surge of his prodigious talents from triumph, to triumph, because whatever happens next, the summer of 2011 is the summer of obama. we can finally see who he is. we can understand the reality. it's possible to be a level-headed, warm-hearted, cold blooded -- gazundeit -- killer to crack a joke and write a book for his daughters. more miraculous it's possible for that man to be the presiden

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